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The Best Massage Chair Deal For New Year's 2024

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Updated 12 minutes ago | March 5th, 2023

Best Massage Chair Deals Of January 2024

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Finding the best Massage Chair is hard. MassageChairReports is a result of a group of massage chair lovers who have been involved in the massage chair industry for several years. We take the guesswork out of finding an amazing chair. There are thousands of massage chairs to choose from, all with different features, sizes, buying processes, and price-points. And then there's all of the abbreviations and words: shiatsu, 4D, 3D, airbags, S-Track — it can be all too confusing! We understand the frustration in finding a chair that is the best fit for your needs, so we have compiled a list of our favorite five brands to choose from when it comes to picking a massage chair.

The Criteria For Great Massage Chairs

✓ Massage Chair Techniques & Features:

We examine the massage techniques available, such as kneading, rolling, tapping, shiatsu, or combination techniques. In many cases, these techniques are not found in all massage chairs so it is important to read the fine print to make sure you know what you are ordering. Each of these techniques is important in building a massage chair, because they help provide the deepest levels of relief and effectiveness. Features like zero-gravity and heating are must-haves in any massage chair, and should be standard in any option you decide to settle in on.

Massage Chair Customization Options:

A massage chair would be largely useless if it did not offer options to customize the settings to the users preferences, height, and weight. Things to consider when looking at customization options is levels of intensity, variation between modes, and timer settings. You'd be surprised to find that some massage chairs are only manufactured for a select group of people, and do not fit everyone. It is important to check whether or not the massage chair can accommodate different heights with extendable footrests.

✓ Comfort:

Some massage chairs are made of leather, some of rubber, and some even have cheap plastic. The comfort of the massage chair largely depends on the budget and design reputation of the brand selling the chair. Especially if you're buying online, you want a chair that has been tried and tested by happy customers.

✓ Durability & Quality

This is one of the most important pieces of criteria to consider when buying a massage chair. As Massage Chair enthusiasts, we only have listed chairs that we believe completely satisfy our customers needs for a quality chair, including level of electrical components, wiring, and the level of material sourcing. Some chairs are haphazardly manufactured in masses by factories, while others are built with intention and are designed to last. 

✓ Customer Service

How good is the brand's emphasis on customer support and satisfaction? Do they have a lot of customers? Do the customers rave about their chairs? It is important to us that customers have the ability to contact the brand via phone and get an answer within 1 business day. This is a must.

✓ Price: Don't Spend Too Much!


Finally, it is important to take into consideration the perspective of price. What you find in a chair that costs $12,000 will wildly differ from a chair that costs $800. Some chairs are simply way too overpriced, while others are awfully manufactured and stab your back. Our goal is to give you the best value for what you are paying for — you shouldn't overpay for features that come in a chair that costs less, and you also shouldn't pay for a cheap chair that will break down by the time you try to use it. 

Best Overall Value For 2024:

Relaxe Zero-Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating 


March 5th Price: $2899


Heating, 3D, full body stretch, body scanning, premium build, 53 inch SL track for best-in-class massage experience

2-5 Day Shipping Time & Indoor Delivery

12 automatic modes & 5 manual modes for customizable intensities of massage

No assembly required, works out of the box

365 day trial period

0% financing for those who qualify


Maximum height is 6'2 & weight limit is 350 pounds

Does not have negative ion diffusers

We've determined that the Relaxe Massage Chair is not just good, they are hands down great for the price. Relaxe Most chairs on the market are just made for basic massages, but the Relaxe chair goes beyond performs deep tissue massage therapy across the entire body. It truly does mimic the hands of a master masseuse.

Relaxe has achieved this by exclusively selling direct-to-consumer, cutting out the middlemen traditionally involved in the massage chair industry. Typically, massage chairs are marked up by hundreds of dollars every time they go from factory to traderoom to showroom to stores. Additionally, they add higher pricing to encourage commissions for salespeople. The massage chair companies factor in all of the middlemen, commissions, shipping costs, and then slap a big price tag on their chair.

Relaxe eliminates this and passes on the savings to their customers, essentially bringing a $5,000+ chair for a fraction of the cost. 

Designed by a group of engineers, the Relaxe Massage Chairs is filled with features such as the 28 airbags & yoga stretch mode that completely stretches the body. These massagers also have a fully customizable massage mode that help remove any knots and tensions you may have, and bluetooth and heating technologies built in. The chair has a premium SL-track design that covers all of your spine.

While many massage chairs are unable to adjust to the height of the person using it, the Relaxe Massage Chair also comes with automatic body scanning and shoulder detection to perfectly align the massage to your frame, body size, and height. The chair also comes with intelligent voice control, wheels for easy transport, and a remote with a premium LCD display.

It is well-designed (no assembly required, works out of the box) and we rarely hear of any complaints regarding breakdowns. They offer a 365 day trial period & easy financing through Affirm, which makes purchasing a massager completely easy. Relaxe's generous return policy (the 365 day trial) is one the best in the industry. 

Conclusion: Best Massage Chair For The Value In 2024

If you are looking for therapeutic relief, this is the option for you. Relaxe sells their massagers directly to consumers, so their price is lower. Their massagers have all of the features of a luxury Massage Chair at a much lower price. From zero gravity to heat therapy, to 3D, to deep tissue, there isn't any feature that is missing. Given it's popularity, it's by far our top pick of 2024. We recommend this chair because of its value.

What Does Reddit Think?

Final Verdict:

Anyone looking to buy an all-purpose Massage Chair with many of the most popular features on the market (read: voice control, zero gravity, and multiple massage modes) would find something to like about the Relaxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It targets your back, neck, and waist with dual-core S-track massage rollers, simulating the feeling of a professional, hands-on massage.

Why Invest In A Massage Chair?

✓ Natural Therapy For Muscle Tension

Massage chairs, rooted in massage therapy principles, are known to alleviate pain and ease muscle tension.

1.) A 2019 Mayo Clinic survey revealed that 94% of patients favored massage over strong pain medications for pain relief​​.

2. Similarly, a 2014 study showed that regular 60-minute massages significantly reduced chronic neck pain​. These chairs are crafted to mimic therapeutic massage techniques, targeting sore muscles and stiff joints, aiding those with arthritis and promoting better spinal alignment for scoliosis sufferers. The modern sedentary work lifestyle often leads to poor posture, worsening back pain and sciatica.

3.) Massage chairs support the spine's natural curve, helping to correct posture, particularly beneficial for those spending long hours at a computer. Additionally, 43% of Americans utilized massages for health issues like pain management, indicating the recognized benefits of massage therapy​.

A meta-analysis affirmed massage therapy's effectiveness in pain treatment compared to no treatment and other active treatments​. 

 Unexpected Therapeutic Benefits

Massage chairs extend their therapeutic touch beyond just the back, embracing the entire body including arms, legs, feet, hands, and neck, for a wholesome relief.

They are meticulously engineered to replicate various massage techniques that have shown substantial benefits in multiple areas of health.

Here's a breakdown of how they contribute to overall well-being, supported by scientific studies:

1. Better Sleep Quality & More Energy: ​Massage therapy can lead to better sleep quality by reducing body tension and promoting a relaxed state. The therapy can help the body release chemicals like endorphins and the serotonin which contribute to overall well-being.

2. Enhanced Recovery: The kneading and stroking motions of a massage chair can help muscle tissue recover from stress and strenuous activity throughout the day. A massage post-exercise can help the body come back stronger and feel less sore.

3. Mood Elevation and Mental Well Being: Massage chairs offer relief from daily stress and can help you lift your mood and feel calm. The sense of relaxation and well-being you experience during a massage can be attributed to endorphins being released, which are the body's natural feel-good hormones.

Other unexpected benefits might include better posture, joint mobility, and increased body awareness.

✓ Save Time & Lots Of Money:

When you consider the time & money saved, investing in massage chairs is actually a no brainer! Here's why:

1.) Cost-Effectiveness: 
The average cost of a massage session ranges from $50 to $90 per hour. Assuming a median cost of $70 per session, if one were to receive a massage every week, the annual expense would amount to $3,64​1​. On the other hand, massage chairs offer the benefit of daily massages without incurring per-session charges. Decent massage chairs may seem expensive, but with 0% interest financing, you can get one delivered with less than a $100 up front cost! It makes owning one affordable!

2​. Time-Saving: Owning a massage chair can eliminate the need to schedule appointments, travel to a massage therapist, and wait for your session. This convenience saves a significant amount of time, especially for individuals with busy schedules. The ability to receive a massage at home whenever desired, be it early in the morning or late at night, provides a level of flexibility that traditional massage therapy simply can't match.

3. Daily Access & Customizable Sessions: With a massage chair at home, you can enjoy the benefits of a massage daily or as often as you like. Some recommend to have a 15-minute massage at least 3-5 days per week to reap the benefits, something easily achievable with a home massage chair​. Massage chairs offer a customizable and consistent massage experience each time, without the variability that comes with different massage therapists. This consistency can be beneficial in managing normal daily pain and stress levels.

The Bottom Line:

Massage therapy offers many benefits like easing daily pain, helping relieve stress, and increasing overall well-being. A massage chair is a smart choice for enjoying these benefits regularly. It's not only handy but also saves time and money for people who regularly seek out in-patient massage treatments, making it a great investment for their health and wallets.

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