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Retired Doctor Tells All: Why American Doctors Are Clueless About Treating Sciatica

By Jessica Simpson, Massage Chair Expert | July 14, 2023 | 9:10 am EDT

I once had crushing sciatica pain that made me want to rip my hair out. 

The initial trigger?

A herniated disc and tight hamstrings from sitting too much.

The slight discomfort at the beginning didn't ring any alarm bells.

"Just pop an Advil," I thought. "It'll go away."

But it didn't go away.

It amplified.

And it turned into my own private torture chamber.

A wicked, aching pain erupted every morning, relentless, like a broken record.

My lower back and glutes felt tight and painful.

It's hard to describe the ache to those without sciatica.

But if you have it, you know exactly what I am talking about.

This relentless agony became my daily reality.

For 5 agonizing years.

For Half a Decade, This Torturous Pain Turned My Life Upside Down

I'd wake up wondering:

Should I even attempt to stand up?

Walking to the bathroom felt like an uphill trek, let alone managing a full day of work.

I put on a brave face, trying to keep things normal.

But it was a facade.

Everyone could see it.

I put on 30 pounds, my gym sessions long forgotten.

My social life shriveled up. I had no energy to socialize.

Even going to church, my weekly refuge, became an ordeal.

I felt like an aged person, despite only being in my 40s.

Doctors Were Of No Use And Kept Shoving Pills Down My Throat

The most infuriating part? I was pulling all stops to get better.

Doctors, specialists, they all had a go at me.

Yet, no one had the magic potion I needed.

I tried cortisone injections, acupuncture, hot yoga.

Some doctors even gaslit me and told me I was making up my symptoms.

I hopped from one chiropractor to another.

I did every stretch you could think of.

But, all in vain.

A risky experimental surgery seemed like the only option left.

I was on the brink of taking that leap.

I'd even broken the news to my wife, asking her for a couple of weeks to muster the courage.

But a chance meeting with my former neighbor who happened to be a doctor stopped me in my tracks.

“Surgery? Over My Dead Body”

That was the stern reaction from Dr. McNeil when I bumped into him at a coffee shop.

He barely recognized me.

I had changed significantly since I had last seen him a few years ago.

However, he was kind enough to lend an ear and offer me some valuable advice.

According to him, most American doctors are clueless about treating sciatica because medical school spends just a mere 7 hours on pain management training.

Their usual prescription? Painkillers or surgery.

He assured me I needed neither.

That’s When He Uttered the Game-Changer: "Massage Chair Therapy!"

He enlightened me on how a massage chair could be my savior.

First, Dr. McNeil explained the true cause of sciatica from his 40+ year experience as an MD.

"Sciatica isn't just a simple backache...

It's often a manifestation of accumulated tension and inflammation in the piriformis and other deep gluteal muscles...

These muscles cradle the sciatic nerve, and when they're tight or inflamed, they can press on the nerve, causing that familiar shooting pain."

Now, here's the kicker..

The challenge is that these muscles are nestled deep, making them incredibly hard to target.

Traditional stretches, massages, or even acupuncture can sometimes miss the mark.

They might provide temporary relief, but they don't always get to the root of the problem.

But a massage chair with modern technology?

It could easily reach them. Once reached, it instantly unwinds the muscles, alleviating the pain.

Massage sessions over the course of a few weeks compound, until the pain is eventually gone.

He was adamant - I had to give a massage chair a shot before considering surgery.

Desperation was my middle name at this point.

I was ready to try ANYTHING. 

I was so keyed up; I began researching massage chairs right there in the coffee shop.

And what I found was nothing short of a miracle.

My Lifesaver: A Compact Massage Chair That Wiped Away My Agony Instantly and Permanently

While exploring different options, I discovered a compact and affordable massage chair.

It boasted rave reviews, with users claiming how it eliminated their pain, reduced swelling, and even helped them recover from injuries.

And it was just $120 a month - a small price for a shot at a pain-free life.

I hit the 'buy' button then and there, and a couple of days later, the chair was at my doorstep.

Always an optimist, I did believe it might work.

I plugged it in, got in, and held my breath.

But I wasn't prepared for just how quickly it would turn things around.

Within minutes, it was like a weight had been lifted off my spine.

The rollers deeply massaged my lower back and buttocks..

Targeting the piriformis, just as Dr. McNeil had explained!

I felt a liberating looseness in my lower back that I hadn't felt in years.

By the end of a 10-minute session, I felt like I'd just had the best massage of my life.

No more pain. I stood up, moved around, waiting for the familiar ache.

But it never came back.

I was so moved, I was reduced to tears.

But these weren't tears of agony.

These were tears of sweet, sweet relief.

Shiatsu massage uses reflexology pressure to stimulate the meridian points in the body..

5 Years of Torment Erased in a Single Session

I haven't had to see a doctor in over a year now.

It might sound like a stretch, but this compact massage chair was my lifeline.

I'm back at the gym, 22 pounds lighter.

I'm thriving at work, and even landed a promotion recently.

My vitality has returned, making me feel decades younger.

And my back?

Stronger and healthier than ever before.

The best part?

I know the best is yet to come.

So, if you're in the throes of muscle pain..

Whether in your back, neck, shoulders, or anywhere else..


But there is a solution. 

Full Body Massage Changed My Life

You can use it for any part of your body - back, neck, waist, hip, leg, or arm.

The chair uses innovative technology to alleviate pain instantly.

Its powerful pulses penetrate deep into your body, relaxing those tense muscles causing the pain, and providing immediate relief.

With a variety of modes and an impressive range of speed settings, you're sure to find the perfect combination for your troublesome muscle group.

Are Massage Chairs Expensive?

You might be wondering:

"But aren't massage chairs a luxury?"

Time for a quick math lesson.

Picture this. You're shelling out $80 for a single massage session.

Weekly massages? That's $320 a month. Almost $4000 a year.


Now, let's flip the script.

The average cost of a massage really good chair?

Just $120 a month.

And that's with interest-free financing.

Cheaper than three professional sessions.

And it's more than cost: think about convenience.

A massage chair in your living room?

Instant spa, 24/7. No more driving. No more appointments.

Just press a button, and you're in massage heaven.

Customizable, too.

Pick your intensity.

Target your trouble spots. Whenever you want.

What's better than a dollar a day for freedom from back pain?

Massage Chairs Normally Cost $5,000+, But Here's How You Can Get One For Way Less!

Massage Chairs generally cost so much money because they travel through multiple channels before reaching the end consumer.

They go from traderooms, retail shows, department stores, and multiple rounds of trucks — before finally reaching you.

Buying on online cuts out every single middleman by shipping directly to customers, passing on added savings to you.

This is as close as you can get from buying directly from a factory! 

A Whopping 96% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

Imagine what kind of impact relief would have on you.

The wonders it will have on your personal life, mental health, and overall well being.

It's the best decision I ever made. 

Read which chairs we recommend below!

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